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Creative Muses - A Writing Prompt Community
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Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. - Cecil B. DeMille (1881 - 1959)

Please be sure to read all of these rules carefully first before applying for a muse.

1. While this community is modeled off licenseartistic, it is in no way affiliated with them or any other muse writing community.

2. This is not a first come, first serve community. Applications will be open Monday through Friday each week. Mods will review all applications and vote for which was the most in character. If your application is declined and your muse is still available you are more than welcome to redo your application and apply again. If you are rejected and your muse is not available you are more than welcome to apply for a different muse.

3. This community is open to all fandoms for TV, movie, comic, anime, and book. OC characters are accepted as long as they are not fandom affiliated.

4. This community is drama free. If you are found to be stirring trouble you will be given a warning. After that, you will be removed from the community if it happens again.

5. In the case of inactivity, you will be emailed with a reminder to post for your muse, and if you don’t post within a week of being sent the email, your muse will be removed. If your muse is removed from the community for inactivity, you cannot apply for a new muse for two months. You will only be sent a reminder email two times. If it happens again, your muse will be removed.

6. Spoiler Warnings: For those writing characters in the current TV season (US), please place all prompt responses in the community behind a cut. You do not have to cut in your own character journal.

Regarding Muses

- Duplicates of any muse will not be accepted. No exceptions. If your muse will appear in more than one category, IE Batman in TV, movie and comic only one will be allowed.

- You may have as many muses as you feel you can keep up with the prompts. But you must be able to keep up with all muses. If you are unable to keep up and your muse is dropped, you may not apply for another one for two months.

- Original characters are accepted as long as they are not fandom related.

- To check the taken/availability list of muses, please go here . You can request a muse to be waitlisted if the muse you’re after is already taken. Should that muse become available, the first person to request the character waitlisted will be notified. You can also request to hold a muse – go here to request a muse to be put on hold. Hold will only last for two weeks.

Regarding Posting

- Every month, six (6) prompts will be put up: question, word, picture, and quote prompts. It is compulsory to answer only one (1) prompt, however if your muse decides they want to answer all six, then each answer must be in a separate post. In order to remain a part of this community, your muse must respond to at least one (1) in three calendar months.

- Responses to the prompts must be a minimum of 150 words. There is no maximum word limit.

- All ratings accepted. Any response to a prompt that goes beyond the rating of R, appropriate warnings must be stipulated.

- All prompts over 400 words in length must be placed under a cut.

- You must, with each response, clearly label in the subject heading the number of the prompt.

- When you post your responses, please post to both the community and to your muse journals. You may link back to your fic in the community. In your journals, please archive your responses in memories.

- When you post your responses in the community journal, please use the tags provided. This is where mod will check for activity. Tags will be made when your pup is accepted into the community.

- Roleplay is encouraged, however please refrain from roleplaying in the community. Should you wish to roleplay, please do so in the character journals.

- At the end of each response, please place a footnote with the character’s name, fandom and word count.

How To Apply

1. Before you apply for a muse, please go here to check that your muse isn’t already taken.

2. Please fill out the application form, which can be found here

3. Send your application to creativemod @ gmail [dot] com.
"Cecile DeMille" is to be included in the subject heading of your email application. Applications will not be considered without this subject heading.

4. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an invitation to join creative_muses as well as creative_ooc to introduce your character and meet others.