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Prompt November 3.B.

3.B.) What do you think of cloning?”

I once had an interesting discussion with my father. I wished to know why it was that he had constructed me, and he sat me down and proceeded to assist me in working out the answer on my own. He pointed out to me that humans have not only a tendency to indulge in the past, but also wish to see themselves in their reproduction. It is a form of continuity, a sense of immortality.

This I learned before I knew the very unusual history of the Soong family.

Noonien Soong made many advancements in the field of cybernetics, but once he declared that he had the intention to create an evolving system based off positron flow as a vessel for artificial intelligence, the scientific community shunned him as being unrealistic and pursuing goals that had long been deemed impossible. But Dr. Soong fully believed that he was correct in his decision to press forward with his research and facilitated the construction of a scientific outpost on Omicron Theta. Perhaps his drive was not for the goal itself, but he refused to acknowledge the improbability as impossibility as he was merely doing what his father and his father's father and so on had done before him. He was producing an improved duplicate of himself.

In the year 2132, a leading geneticist named Arik Soong became senior medical director aboard Cold Station 12. He felt that he could assist in hastening the evolution of humanity in the way of Augments such as those made during the time of Khan Noonian Singh. After taking a number of embryos engineered in the 20th century and raising them as his own, he was forced to abandon them upon being apprehended and incarcerated for his crimes. Upon his release he attempted to reconcile and unite them, however during the time they were left to fend for themselves they had started to display the violent aggression typical of 20th century Augments.

At that point, Arik Soong turned his work to cybernetics in his desire to create a healthier, stronger, more intelligent human being (presumably without the foresight that after enough alteration the human being would no longer be markedly human outside of exterior appearance). He did not fully give up his practice of genetic research, and modified his own DNA to produce his first offspring, Sibahl Soong, who followed in his footsteps in both cybernetics and genetics. This illegal augmentation and reproduction continued until the time of my father, who produced both me and my brother in his own image. His own personal goals with my production seemed to be more closely related to that of a parent wishing to produce a child better than himself than it was to ultimately achieve the superiority and specific longevity desired by Arik Soong.

Thus I feel that cloning is little more than the reproduction of an image, and any attempt to recreate an individual is ultimately doomed to failure as input in a clone's development produces more of an impact than any amount of genetic or technical programming. Those alterations (or duplications) only produce a foundation of source material and say nothing for the final product.

However, if given the choice to construct another offspring, as with Lal I would not have it resemble me.

Character: Data
Fandom: Star Trek : The Next Generation
Word Count: 556
Comments: Here
Notes: I was really busy last month and am slowly getting caught up on a prompt surge. I couldn't resist going back and doing this one.