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January 2-a

Do you have any siblings? What relationship do you have with them?

Well, I’ll start off by saying I have less siblings than I used to. Apparently I had some brothers, but they all died (well, apart from one, but he’s special), so I never knew them, just what my sisters told me about them. Add to the fact that a couple of my sisters died lately, and the family is a little smaller than it used to be. Just me, Lara, Elisa, Natalia and Inara. You get the impression that Dad liked girls names that end in an ‘a’, don’t you?

I’ll start by saying that Inara is my favourite sister. That’ll probably annoy the rest of them, but they know how it stands. I’ll do anything for them, but I just prefer Inara’s company. She’s the youngest of my siblings, she’s twenty-three now. Lives in California with her boyfriend. She’s sweet, kind and happy. And the best part? She’s not in the family business. That counts for a lot. I don’t see her as much as I should do, but it isn’t exactly easy when I’m based in Chicago.

Elisa and Natalia I don’t have much to do with. Yeah, they are my sisters, and even though we live in the same town, I only really see them at family events.

Lara. The relationship with her is the most complicated of all my sisters. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, and I would do anything for her when it came down to it, but I don’t trust her. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Really. Anyone who trusts Lara is a fool. She’s influential in the family, and ambitious. Too ambitious. She says that she wants what’s best for baby brother, but I think that scares me more than anything.

And finally there is my one brother – well, half brother. The one that very few people actually know about. Pain in the ass, too noble for his own good. However, I couldn’t help but notice a kindred spirit, and even before I knew he was my brother, I was almost drawn to him. Maybe because he was a fellow outcast, who had a cynical view of society, and a smart ass sense of humor. But once we found out – yeah, there was a brotherly kinship between us. I protected him, he protected me. Of course, things are a bit different now that I’ve gone home to Chateau Raith – I won’t be able to be there for him in quite the same way, but at the end of the day, no matter what, he’s my brother, and that is the only thing that’s important.

Thomas Raith
Dresden Files
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